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Harvard Medical School_MGH 서재홍 / Tanzi 교수 연구그룹 postdoc채용


Position opening: Postdoctoral Research Fellow


We are seeking a highly motivated and talented Postdoctoral Research Fellow to join Dr. Jaehong Suh’s Laboratory in the Genetics and Aging Research Unit(Director: Rudolph Tanzi) at Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH) and Harvard Medical School. Located in Boston, and known as one of the best places to work in academia, MGH offers a world-class research environment and opportunity to interact and collaborate with a variety of highly talented professionals in biomedical research.


Research in Dr. Suh’s lab focuses on the molecular genetics and neurobiology of Alzheimer’s disease, with the goal of identifying novel the therapeutic targets and developing effective treatments for the devastating neurodegenerative disease. Successful candidate should have strong background either in neurobiology, molecular genetics, or biochemistry, evidenced by a record of scientific publication. Experiences with rodent model are preferred, but not required. A certain level of English proficiency is required(a new J-1 visa rule). The hired candidate will work on NIH-funded projects in Dr. Suh’s lab and receive additional advice from Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, Unit Director and Vice Chair of Neurology Department. An interested candidate should send his/her CV, names and the contact information of three references and a brief description of interest to: suh.jaehong@mgh.harvard.edu


More details about Drs. Suh and Tanzi and their research can be found here:



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